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Flat Wood Drill Bit Set (6 Pieces)

Includes VAT
SKU DT80289
This DEKTON Flat Wood Drill Set is perfect for cutting straight or angled holes in hardwood, softwood and grain, cross grain or even laminated panels. 

These are for use with an electric drill and ideal for DIY projects and many other uses. 

The 6 piece pack includes: 

1/2" (13mm) Flat Wood Drill Bit. 
5/8" (16mm) Flat Wood Drill Bit. 
3/4" (19mm) Flat Wood Drill Bit. 
7/8" (22mm) Flat Wood Drill Bit. 
1" (25mm) Flat Wood Drill Bit. 

Each drill bit is perfect for cutting either angle holes or straight holes with precision in wood. 

The 6 sizes are of the most popular which are each universal for use with most electric drills. 

Includes VAT