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Make your woodwork sparkle with: EASY INLAY!

Make your woodwork sparkle with: EASY INLAY!

Based in the Finger Lakes region of New York, Easy Inlay is a popular business amongst woodworkers, turners, artists, luthiers, crafters, casters, jewellers, hobbyists, and professionals. Easy Inlay offers high quality rare and exotic inlay supplies.

Easy Inlay are very limited to the UK being an American based business. That is why we are incredibly proud to be one of the two UK-based companies who can sell Easy Inlay’s amazing products! Plus we have our amazing members discounts!

Easy Inlay have a unique variety of exciting inlays, each beautifully vibrant with colour!

Why we love Easy Inlay's products?

First of all, who doesn't love shiny/sparkly things?

all of Easy Inlay's products glisten like the sea in the summer. With vibrant colours, incredible reflective qualities and unique styles- their inlays are beautiful. We know that visuals aren't the only important thing when it comes to DIYing, which is why the second reason we loves these products are in the name: Easy Inlay. These stunning products are also incredibly easy to use!

Products aside, we admire the Easy Inlay business as a whole. The owner of the business is an admirable artist and craftsman. With endless accreditations and skills, he created his family business with the aim to inspire others to create.

Not only are their products fantastic but it is a family owned business which a lovely message. Here at HowTo we couldn't be happier to be able to supply Easy Inlay's products to the UK.

Our favourite products?

We asked the HowTo team which Easy Inlay products were their favourites and this was the response!

Easy Inlay's mother of pearl is very rare; wonderfully colourful; and soft, rather than brittle. It's a adaptable, natural mineral that is utilized to create many types of inlay. It can be used as it is, or dyed to resemble a variety of luxurious gem stones such as sapphire blue, ruby red, jade green and more. The mother of pearl flakes can also be blended into the other inlay materials Easy Inlay have to offer to create a shimmering translucent chatoyance effect. These grains add iridescent, vibrant shimmer to any inlay design; it comes from the inner layer of the shell of oysters and abalones.

Mother of pearl has a hardness of 2.5 on the Mohs scale and can be easily sanded with abrasive made of silicon carbide (carborundum) or aluminium oxide (corundum), both of which have a hardness of 9.0. It is strong and offers a fantastic surface for polishing and/or finishing.

Easy Inlay's Paua Abalone sheets let you add a pop of vibrant colour to any inlay. The Paua Abalone Sheets are easy to cut to any shape, including laser cuts, you can simply peel the PSA sticky backing off the sheet, lay it into a channel, add resin (CA glue, UV-cure resin, epoxy).

Paua is a unique species of abalone found only in New Zealand’s environmentally pure coastal waters. The interior shell is beautifully coloured and is known for its opalescent blues, rich greens, and luminous fiery flashes. 

This product is especially fantastic for those who want a hassle free professional finish. Easy Inlays made even easier!

The jewellery-grade cultured opals from Easy Inlay are optically, physically, and chemically equivalent to those found in nature and have the fire normally found in rare opals. These opals' colour, luminosity, and brilliance will not deteriorate over time, in contrast to natural stones. They come in 2-gram easy-to-store jars, making them the perfect size for a DIY kit!

These opals can take a year or so to grow in the lab. Scientists assemble spheres in a lattice pattern made of roughly 80% silica to mimic the structure of a jewellery-grade opal. They then use silica gel to stabilise the structure's pores, creating an opal that has the same fire and iridescence as its more expensive, naturally occurring counterparts.

Opals from Easy Inlay are a burst of colour that attracts the eye!

Both professionals and new crafters can design patterns, put grains into tiny cracks or knots, or integrate opals in resin to give any creation more visual depth and dimension.

Easy Inlay's opals are easily sanded with silicon carbide (carborundum) or aluminium oxide (corundum) sand paper, both of which having a hardness of 9.0on the Mohs scale. 

A note made from the HowTo team is how impressive the range of colours Easy Inlay offer, there really is something for everyone!

What should you do now?

Take your DIY to the next level and give it a wonderful pop of colour. As we mentioned, only two businesses sell Easy Inlay's products in the UK and we are one of them! So now is your chance to get your hands on their fantastic products!

In regards to value for money, it couldn't be better! 

Give your projects that WOW factor when you use Easy Inlay's stunning products! All products mentioned have been linked above, otherwise click here to see ALL the Easy Inlay products that we offer.


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