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DIY's Best Friend: Dremel Tools!

DIY's Best Friend: Dremel Tools!

Bored of DIY visions not going to plan? So are we! That is why we believe Dremel Tools are a DIYers Best Friend.

Who are Dremel? 

Dremel believes in empowerment, in self-reliance and letting creativity run free. Dremel has been encouraging a "can-do" mentality since 1932 with its intuitive products and ecosystem of adaptable solutions that are credible, innovative, and of persistent quality. In fact, they introduced the world’s first rotary tool in 1935. As a business they are cultivating a movement towards a future of hands-on generations and have created tools and solutions to support. From upgrades to design projects, home improvement to arts and crafts, Dremel has a product for you! 

Why Dremel? 

Here at HowTo we highly recommend Dremel’s products, especially their tools. We honestly believe that Dremel has something for everyone, from the ‘Versatip 2000 art & craft kit’ to the ‘Dremel 3000 multi-tool kit’.  Dremel believes in quality every step of the way, as do we. Each product is professionally engineered and is easy to use. Each tool has passed Bosch’s rigorous tests and manufacturing process standards for quality and safety and passed with flying colours.  

We believe in promoting businesses who want to help people make their ideas a reality. We understand that not everyone has the space for a large workshop or have the money to purchase every tool on the market. That is why we promote Dremel. As you will see below, the tools that we have selected to recommend to you were created for those who have DIY at heart.

Our Top 4 Dremel Tools:

The Dremel 8220 multi-tool kit is the ideal equipment for completing a wide range of intricate indoor and outdoor DIY jobs. This cordless multi-tool is powered by a 12-volt lithium-ion battery. The reason it is our top product is because it is as powerful as any corded multi-tool. The Dremel 8220 can be used for a variety of tasks with extreme precision, including grinding, cutting, and sanding in addition to polishing, sharpening, and cleaning. We believe that this item is the perfect addition to your DIY supplies.

This Dremel cordless multi-tool is incredibly versatile and simple to use. The Dremel Lite is USB chargeable making it a hassle-free addition to your tool kit. Within many DIY projects, it is simple to move between applications, whether it be sanding, grinding, sharpening, carving, engraving, cleaning, or polishing. You can use the 15 accessories to tackle a variety of creative projects or simple DIY tasks. What we love about this tool is that no matter where you are, you are always prepared for your next DIY project with the Dremel Lite 7760. 

Dremel's outstanding multi-tool kit is ideal for all your fine-grained DIY tasks. It can be used to clean, engrave, cut, sand, grind, sharpen, polish and more! The Dremel 3000 is ideal when working on long DIY project.

With the 15 included attachments, we couldn't recommend this item more. If this didn't sound amazing enough; the EZ Twist Function makes it easy to switch between modes!

This cordless 6-in-1 gas torch from Dremel is a multipurpose butane soldering iron. The Versatip can be used for a variety of creative tasks with the help of the six accessories included in this kit. It may be used on a variety of various materials and we recommend using it for jobs that need precision. 

With the Versatip's adjustable temperature setting, you can give any item an intricate detailed and exquisite finish. It does not require a separate ignition tool because it has an integrated ignition trigger that makes starting it up simple. A kid safety lock on the Versatip makes sure that no gas is unintentionally released making it a great addition to your tool box.



What should you do next?

Here at HowTo we care about our customers, that is why we only promote and recommend the best tools and products. As we have highlighted, Dremel not only offer amazing tools but they have a great message. We also encourage self reliance, empowerment and can-do attitudes! 

If Dremel don't sound great enough already? they have a wide variety of amazing tools, products and accessories that we believe could take your DIY project to the next level. 

Check out their range and treat yourself to a new gadget! The items we mentioned are linked above, otherwise click here to see the full range of Dremel products we offer!

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