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Yorkshire Grit's Abrasive Paste Products & how to use them!

Yorkshire Grit's Abrasive Paste Products & how to use them!


HowTo's top choice for hassle free woodturning:

One of the key parts of creating a high-quality woodworking project is making sure that the wood surface is as smooth as possible ready for the steps to follow. With Yorkshire Grit’s abrasive paste options, you can get your project ready to shine in no time. Yorkshire Grit offer two top of the range Woodturner Abrasive Pastes, each with their own beneficial qualities. Enjoy fine abrasion without the mess of fine dust!

Yorkshire Grit Original – Woodturners Abrasive Paste

Yorkshire Grit Original

Yorkshire Grit Original is an abrasive paste made to give a buffed surface to your woodturning projects, before adding that final finish.

The ingredients are made up of mineral oil, lemon oil, beeswax and two different variations of grinding stones (rotten and pumice). Each ingredient is milled extra fine to give your woodwork the best result possible. Once blended carefully the powder is made into a creamy paste, we like to call ‘liquid sandpaper’.

The Yorkshire Grit Original Abrasive Paste reduces scratches and unwanted markings left by any prior dry sanding and even eliminates fine dust. Mess free, fantastic professional results and for an affordable price, what more could you want? Yorkshire Grit’s abrasive pastes are exactly what you need for your next woodturning project.

Yorkshire Grit Microfine – Woodturners Abrasive Paste

Yorkshire Grit Microfine
Yorkshire Grit’s Microfine Woodturners Abrasive Paste was developed with resin and hybrid users in mind, its extra fine qualities make this the ideal product for a large variety of woodturning projects. The paste similar to the original, reduces scratches and messy dust left from harsh sandpaper and guarantees a smooth reflective surface. The product is harsh chemical free, hand blended and made from natural ingredients (mineral oil, beeswax and microfine abrasive powders). Additionally, the Yorkshire Grit microfine paste is also a fantastic product for jobs like de-nibbing, buffing, and enhancing glossy lacquer finishes. Here at HowTo we could not recommend this product more!

Why to choose Yorkshire Grit’s abrasive pastes over other options?

We have discussed already why Yorkshire Grit’s abrasive pastes are a fantastic choice for your next project but what we have not discussed is why the characteristics mentioned matter.

As we all know sanding can be a time-consuming process that can create unwanted mess. Their abrasive products are efficient and effective. It is no secret that there are many different abrasive products on the market, each with its own specialty. That is why we think it is incredibly important to promote and supply only the best to our customers. Yorkshire Grit care about versatility and have created their products with a large variety of projects in mind. No matter if your project is woodwork, hybrid or resin focused they have an abrasive paste for you. Yorkshire Grit’s fine milled ingredients allow for a smooth near mirror like glossy finish which guarantees professional results.

Unlike other wood-turning abrasive pastes our products are free from any harsh chemicals and are made from natural materials. Additionally, for an even smoother finish their products are cross-compatible. We highly recommend after using the Original Yorkshire Grit Abrasive Paste that you then use the microfine variation for an even smoother finish of at least 2000 Grit. As a decisive point of why their products are the correct choice for you, Yorkshire Grit’s abrasive paste products have a net weight of 227g. Whereas, many of their competitor products are much smaller. An example of this is True Grit’s abrasive paste which is only 140g. Not only are their products our bestselling abrasive products, but they are also excellent value for money that guarantee high quality results.

How we recommend you use Yorkshire Grit’s Abrasive Paste products:

Step 1:

Whilst the project is attached to the lathe, we recommend you sand your piece to around 240-320 Grit.

Step 2:

 Apply Yorkshire Grit’s abrasive paste in a circular motion with a paper towel.

Step 3:

Once completed, turn your lathe on and work along your project with the paper towel.

Step 4:

Continue this motion until the paste has broken down and there is no residue left on the now smooth surface.

Step 5:

Once you have finished your project it should be dry, and you will be left with the finished result of at least 1000 Grit.

Yorkshire Grit

 You can find both of these professional woodturning products on the HowTo website!

Click here to buy Yorkshire Grit's Original Abrasive Paste 

Click here to buy Yorkshire Grit's Microfine Abrasive Paste

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